Cordoba it’s a very interesting city with a lot of history and a high archelogical value. In the bike you’ll find the perfect transport to move around the small streets of the Judería, where cars are not allowed, and you’ll be more free to stop and see or stay in anywhere you like. All of that without any schedule or fixed planning. We want you to be the owner of your time in your stay and profit as you like of our city and everything around it.

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Ebike Tour

Bike Tour’s

Discover the city of Cordoba in a different way with elektrik. * min - 2

Medina Azahara: 30€

Córdoba Sultana: 25€

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Tour Segway

Know the historical center of the three cultures at the hands of a segway..

  45 min: 18€

  1h 30m: : 29€

All of our bikes have an insurance for third persons and stealing.
Tour Medina Azahara Córdoba

Tour "Medina Azahara"

HOW LONG?: 3:00 hours
PRICES: 30 € (entry not included).
TOURS: We leave the center and take a short walk through the Juderia, past the Mezquita until the Walk of Ribera along the river Guadalquivir, there circulate by bike path to the outskirts of Cordoba, where it joins the dirt track that leads directly Medina Azahara. Once there, you can visit the impressive ruins of Medina Azahara, and make a break for a snack and take some photos. The return we will make for a somewhat shorter than the outward route.

* min - 2

Tour Córdoba Sultana

Tour "Córdoba Sultana"

HOW LONG?: 2:00 hours
PRICES: 25 €
TOURS: This is one of the best and most complete excursions you can make if you like active tourism. The begining of the excursión will depart from our shop in the city center in Calle Gongora nº 11 and we will go to make a small tour through La JUDERIA and la Mezquita, after we will follow the river for a Little next to el Alcázar and then we will go into the San Basilio neighbourhood (one of the most traditional neighbourhood of the city where you will see many tipical “patios”) then we will head North (allways in bike path) until we reach the track that will take us to the ruins of the gorgeous Palace of Medina Azahara. Once we are there you will go inside for 1:30 hours to visit the ruins and after that we will take the bikes again to come back to Cordoba city.

* min - 2

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Tour "Bike & Tapas"

HOW LONG?: 3:30 hours
PRICES: 32 €/pax.
TOURS: If you like TAPAS & BIKING you are exactly in the perfect site! You're gonna love our Bike & Tapas Tour (the only one in Town). The tour starts with a full visit biking all around the city and getting into the old town the Jewish quarter and the Axerquia aswell. We will stop in some specific places of interest such as The Mosque of Cordoba, the Viana Palace (Axerquia) and the Royal Stables , where the spanish horse race was created in XVI century by king Felipe II, we will also go into some of the most beautiful patios in the city. After that we will take you to some of the best places for Tapas in town where you'll be able to taste some of our most traditional dishes served with beer or soda. You'll be able to choose between 2 of these popular Tapas: Aubergines fried top dressed with Ecological Honey, Salmorejo Eco ( Tipical from Cordoba), Homemade ratatouille spanish recipe, Croquettes homemade.

* min - 2

Rental of electric bicycles

Tour Segway

Know the historical center of the three cultures at the hands of a segway. Visit its most emblematic streets and visit its most representative monuments. Try this new way of doing tourism, an experience to share.


Choose the ebike that better fixes you and start enjoying now of the city.

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